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Introducing MAAStack by AllSense IoT

Your Machinery-As-A-Service Full Stack

Equipment + IoT + AI

Subscription based industrial equipment usage

Welcome to MAAStack (the Machinery-As-A-Service Stack) , the new Industry 4.0 way

to have the industrial equipment you need for your business.

We support 3 types of Clients:

  1. Equipment End Users

  2. Industrial Equipment OEMs

  3. Equipment Financiers and Lessors



MAAStack for End-Users - New Equipment

From pumps to motors to forklifts to cranes to virtually anything else you need to:

  • Increase production

  • Be more efficient

  • Just get more stuff done without capital expenditure


Let's face it - you don't buy software any more - you subscribe because subscription removes all the headaches of maintaining and updating systems 

So why own your industrial equipment when you just want to use it?

And under our MAAStack model, you only pay for usage for equipment (operational hours, uptime, or any other way that we agree is relevant to your operations) and by the "data message" for your ioT sensors (including alerts and AI predictive maintenance)

and we pay for everything else (delivery, logistics, installation, integration,

commissioning, servicing, parts, replacement, data management,

AI and Machine Learning analysis)

Plus, because all of our equipment is IoT connected and AI monitored, you:

  • Reduce downtime and maintenance costs

  • Get real-time insights into equipment operation and usage to help you manage your business better

  • Receive Predictive Maintenance Programmes to ensure just-in-time servicing occurs


MAAStack for End-Users - Existing Equipment

And if you have existing equipment, and you want to get it connected and monitored, we can retrofit IoT sensor kits to your existing equipment.

So you can have the same benefits of remote monitoring, condition reports and AI predictive maintenance for your existing equipment.

For more details on how the IoT data message subscription works, go to our FAQ page here

And contact me (Dennis) by clicking on the Get in Touch button below to discuss the options for monitoring your machines with a MAAStack retrofit kit

MAAStack For Industrial Equipment OEMs

You operate in a very tough space; unless you are a Tier 1 OEM,
competition is high, margins are low.

You need a Market Differentiator

You need to reduce costs

You need to improve efficiencies in your product design,
your servicing, your spare parts and your logistics to shave costs
wherever you can

Integrated IoT + AI + the MAAStack Equipment Subscription Programme can give you all that.

Contact Dennis now on +60169839715 or now to discuss how we can help you transition from an Industry 1.0 "build and sell" model to an Industry 4.0 subscription model now

MAAStack For Equipment Financiers and Lessors

Critical to your business is managing asset condition and risk.

How do you know if the operator (lessee / owner) is managing your asset correctly?

Imagine being able to understand if the equipment you lease (or finance) is

operating within the parameters for extended life.

How could you benefit by knowing the condition of the equipment

(in real-time) you have out on lease or under a loan

is being maintained appropriately to ensure full

or extended life expectancy?

How about being able to "kill" the power supply so the
equipment won't operate if the client is refusing to pay?
Would that ability (or the threat alone) be useful for collections?

The MAAStack integration of IoT sensor kits and AI asset management

can give you that assurance and security.

Contact Dennis now on +60169839715 or now

to discuss how we can help you manage your assets

more efficiently and profitably.

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About Us

We believe in Subscription Based Service

While we use technology (IoT, AI and Machine Learning) to give you the industrial equipment and service you want for your business, these are really just the Enablers to support our core business - which is giving what you need (equipment-wise) in a form you want (payment by usage) through our MAAStack (Machinery-As-A-Service Full Stack) business model.


With our innovative and insightful MAAStack Model, we want you to have the equipment you need for your business without:

  • Loans and interest payments

  • Credit checks

  • Delivery and installation costs

  • Paperwork headaches

  • Plus plus plus costs


We founded AllSense IoT in 2018 because we believe that the IoT industry is full of techies and engineers who don't understand that all you want (as a business owner and operator) is stuff that works - and to pay for it according to your business cycles and operations - not a huge upfront cost.


You want machines that help you to build the things you build.


You want equipment that delivers the products your clients want.

Whether you own it or not, you just don't care.


And if we are the experts in the machines, it should be us that worries about them - not you!

So our incredible team of business experts, engineers, programmers, designers and marketing gurus have worked tirelessly to bring the MAAStack Model to the forefront of the industrial equipment industry, to just make it simple for you to get the equipment you need to grow your business.

4 Simple Steps

  1. Tell us what you need

  2. We give you a subscription price

  3. You order

  4. We deliver

Get in touch to learn more or request a  FREE NO-OBLIGATION MAAStack Subscription quote by filling in the form below now!

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Our MAAStack Business Model

Simplicity and relevance at the core of all that we do at MAAStack.


Our main goal is finding smart ways of using technology that will help you run your business better, smarter and more profitably.


Fill in the form below to tell us what you need and we will prepare a

free no-obligation MAAStack subscription quote

for you

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"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

Mark Twain

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