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What is MAAStack?

MAAStack is a business model we created to support industrial producers to get the equipment you need to make the things you make.

Without worrying about how the machines work, when to maintain them or how to pay for them.

We use IoT sensors and AI to give you a better service but these are just enablers - tools to bring you the MAAStack service.

What type of MAAStack subscription can I have?

How does the IoT subscription by message work?

Say we have deployed a vibration sensor on your equipments gearbox.

While some sensors only need to send a message every few minutes, vibration sensors need to send virtually continuous data, because it's critical that your gearbox condition is known all the time.

So we would set your sensor to send every 1 second (can be much more, but for this example, we'll use 1 second)

That means that your sensor is sending 86,400 messages a day or 2,592,000 messages every month.

We calculate the cost of providing the sensor and the communication channels and the AI (and any servicing and overhead costs) over a standard 3 year contract and divide that cost by the number of messages your sensor is sending over the 3 years.

On a standard vibration sensor, that works out to US$0.0000643 per message.

And if your sensor has any downtime, and not so many messages are sent, you don't pay for those unsent messages.

Keeps us aligned with you!

We offer all kinds of subscriptions


  • Time based (day, week, month)

  • Usage based (cost per "widget")

  • Uptime based (fee per % of available uptime)

  • Got another type in mind? Talk to us



Use, don't Own!

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What does a MAAStack subscription cover?

A better (and shorter answer) question is "what doesn't it cover?"

Because we cover everything from shipping to installation to commissioning to repairing to maintaining to replacing.

You pay one subscription fee (whether time based, usage based or whatever we have agreed) and everything else is covered

How does the equipment usage subscription work?

In the case where we are supplying you with the actual equipment asset (including IoT) by subscription, we review your operations and agree a "usage" fee model in addition to the IoT messaging model (see to the left).


That usage fee may be by the operational hour, by the lift (if its lifting equipment) by the kilometre (if it's a vehicle) or any of a number of other measures relevant to you - even (if it was a production motor, by the number of your product units produced)


We call these "actions"

And we're very flexible!


We calculate the cost of providing the equipment (and any servicing and overhead costs) over a standard 5 year contract and divide that cost by the number of "actions" your machine conducts over the 5 years.

And if your equipment has any downtime, and not so many "actions" are performed, you only pay for the "actions" your equipment does perform.

This also keeps us aligned with you!